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The renewable energy market has become hyper-competitive, making it critical to optimize solar supply chains. Solar developers and EPCs need real-time logistics support for profitable construction on a global scale. The industry has moved past the time when crews sat idle as they waited for solar materials to be delivered to project sites. Today’s leading EPCs can’t waste a minute. So they partner with renewable energy supply chain experts to handle their solar materials logistics with on-target delivery and handling at the most competitive cost.

How To Optimize Solar Supply Chains for More Profitable Solar Projects

Global Freight Solutions (GFS) is not new to navigating complex shipping and logistics. Delivering custom-tailored transport and logistics since 1999, GFS has moved over 1 billion tons of product flawlessly on a local, national and international scale.

GFS Eco for Solar Power ProjectsOur GFS Eco renewable energy division caters exclusively to the shipping and materials handling needs of solar, wind and energy storage for EPCs, suppliers and developers. Need cost-effective transport, consolidation and warehousing without compromising quality or reliability? GFS Eco will guide your commercial or utility-scale renewable projects from start to finish through complex governmental regulations.

And because we do much so more than simply ship your solar modules and balance-of-system (BOS) equipment from Point A to Point B, we ensure that our clean energy clients optimize their PV supply chain with time-critical materials. The secret? Our bespoke staff comes from the renewable energy sector, having worked projects for over 25 years with the likes of First Solar, M+W Group, SunEdison, BHE Renewables, Horizon Solar Power, NRG Energy and many more.

Bank on Your Solar Logistics Partner to Negotiate the Best Rates on Freight

Whether by steamship, air, rail or road, GFS Eco gets exactly what you need, where you need it safely and efficiently, backed by our 99 percent on-time and undamaged delivery rate. And because our GFS Eco staff checks rates daily, you can bank on it that the price you pay is the lowest rate on every delivery throughout your project.

In addition to efficient delivery, GFS Eco drivers always use the proper PPE gear and industry regulated staging equipment, adhering to each project sites specific local regulations. We consolidate all loads to reduce the number of trucks traveling to your job site and optimize delivery routes per city ordinances. To further make sure your project experiences smooth sailing, a dedicated GFS Eco project manager will be assigned to your project. They will visit the site before construction begins, chart any potential logistics issues, create navigational contingency plans, and will strategically optimize required solar supply chains for all solar materials.

Count on Deep Renewables Industry Know-How to Manage Your Solar Materials Right

GFS began to anticipate the renewable energy sector’s transport needs long before the competition became involved and that’s why we only hire the best. Our team of solar industry veterans brings over two decades of PV experience to GFS Eco, having worked on over 1 GW of solar projects around the globe.

With deep knowledge of each state’s regulations, GFS Eco has secured end-to-end logistics throughout the nation for the worlds leading solar EPCs.

Plus, as a new member of the Solar Energy Industry Association (SEIA), our commitment to the solar industry only continues to grow. 

optimize solar supply chainsNever Guess Again with Bespoke Service Available 24/7

Known in the industry for our bespoke, personalized approach, our efficient and hassle-free service sets us apart in the logistics industry. With our deep solar industry experience, GFS Eco custom-tailors each project to overcome any unique challenges and capitalize on its advantages to save you money on every job.

Your dedicated GFS Eco project manager ensures continuity throughout the project’s timeline and will always facilitate efficient communication with on-target results. With GFS Eco as your logistics and optimized solar supply chain partner, you’ll always know where every shipment is at all times. Unlike the competition, we are in direct contact with every driver and are able to pinpoint your shipments in real-time to deliver status reports, making sure you always know where materials are throughout their journey from supplier to job site.

Advanced Solar Materials Transportation Keeps Projects on Track

No matter how we’re moving your product and equipment, GFS Eco’s specialized systems ensure the best outcomes:

  • Cargo safety: We know how time-critical your materials are, so we secure every shipment from origin to destination to guarantee that everything arrives in perfect condition and on schedule.
  • Advanced tracking: GFS Eco deploys advanced location tracking technology that reports the precise location of every shipment no matter which transport phase it’s in.
  • Air freight: We track down the most competitive air rates worldwide so that we can offer airport pick-up/delivery or door-to-door transport for each renewables shipment. Not quite ready to deploy something after it arrives? We offer secure, destination warehousing across the globe.
  • Cargo ship freight: GFS Eco maintains worldwide partnerships with the most secure and reliable shippers to offer our clients exclusive ocean rates. Whether you’re moving oversized material, full container load (FCL) or less-than-container load (LCL), we provide superior service and prices.
  • Truck freight: We provide high-quality transportation and real-time scheduling at the most competitive rates on the market for everything from less-than-truckload load (LTL) to heavy-haul and full truckload (FTL) service. And we always carry full-value cargo insurance, along with our 99% un-damaged and on-time rating over 18 years of worldwide service.

​Optimize Solar Supply Chains with the Right Logistics Partner

We know the renewables industry, so we can spot the potential obstacles you face and – more importantly – can steer your project clear before they become a problem on a job site. GFS Eco’s bespoke services are far more than just a “delivery service”; we provide the industry’s best communication and reports for comprehensive solar materials logistics to help you get through construction faster and ensuring optimized solar supply chains are in place with multiple contingencies.

To find out how GFS Eco can optimize solar supply chains for your next project, contact us today, or request an online quote from one of our GFS Eco experts.

Optimize Solar Supply Chains for More Profitable Solar Projects