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Shipping consolidation logistics and seperation services allow businesses to achieve lower shipping rates and results in stronger security with products being transported inside a locked cargo container during multimodal transport. By combining several smaller shipments into one large shipment at the point of origin — such as a full-container load (FCL) or even a half container load, called a “less-than-container load” (LCL) — dramatically reduced shipping rates can be had by companies moving a smaller volume of goods.

Another benefit, rather than having multiple shipping numbers for the transport of multiple boxes, you only have one for the entire cargo container, making tracking much easier. Plus, customs is expedited, as once the container is cleared, so are all your goods riding along inside.

Upon arrival at an intermodal destination warehouse, the consolidated shipment is opened, separated and packaged  (often also referred to as de-consolidation or de-grouping), allowing for added services such as kitting and sub-assembly, labeling, seasonal packaging and much more. This process has the added benefit of injecting increased value and efficiency into the supply chain.

Now, the smaller shipments are ready for retail distribution and quickly leave the warehouse on the way to their destination, packaged by the consolidator to meet the retailers precise specifications, such as product count, labeling required by the retail chain, and much more.

Shipping consolidation and all the tasks associated with it, from merge-in-transit services to cross-docking and more are aimed at reducing overhead and increasing operational efficiencies for businesses worldwide, plus they improve delivery time and reduce your domestic distribution costs.

shipping consolidation
To learn how your business can take advantage of significant savings through shipping consolidation and to receive all the other customizable benefits such as labeling, packing, personalized configuration, distribution for retail replenishment and more, contact a GFS expert today. Our team will evaluate your needs and present ways to speed cycle times, reduce costs and help you meet customer demands, so your goods are ready for sale faster.

shipping consolidation
From port to retail, let GFS put 18 years of experience to work for you. We’re currently handling daily replenishment for retail chains such as The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, plus weekly, bi-weekly and monthly replenishment for many other major brands on a local, national and international basis. With expert planning and contingencies every step of the way, the latest equipment and technology in-hand, a dedicated team offering bespoke service on every shipment and a network of qualified carriers who know the specific requirements for each delivery, GFS is ready to use our expert know-how to get the job done right for you, on every shipment.

shipping consolidation