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Living on an island can be both a dream and a challenge at the same time, especially when many everyday items need to be shipped in ranging from beef and other food products to construction equipment, solar panels, etc. And because of that, effectively shipping to Hawaii is absolutely critical.

When looking to transport goods to Hawaii the first thing to consider is the shipping provider, including their experience and track record. Do they regularly ship to the Hawaiian Islands? How long have they been in business? These are the types of questions to ask.

Additionally, get a solid idea of the time it will take to get from point A to Hawaii. A certain shipping provider may have only one container going out each week whereas another has hundreds of containers on each ship that sails. That’s important to know.

At Global Freight Solutions, our GFS Aloha division has been shipping to the Hawaiian Islands for over 19 years and during that time we’ve transported over 1 billion pounds of goods. If your business has questions about shipping to Hawaii, feel free to contact us.