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At Global Freight Shipping, each of our specialty shipping divisions provides excellent service and you can call or email us directly any time. We’ve also provided answers to some of the most common shipping questions from our customers below, so you always have access to the information you need.

To reach a GFS Customer Service Specialist:
Direct Dial: (310) 669-8686 – Extension #3
Hours: 7am – 5pm PT

For emergency after-hours service, please call: (714) 264-0420

GFS Shipping & Logistics

What’s the fastest way to get rates?

Request a quote on our website and a GFS specialist will have our best rates for you within four hours. Quotes submitted after 1 pm PST will be answered on the next business day.

What do I do if I have an after-hours emergency?

Call (714) 264-0420 and one of our bespoke customer service staff members will be available to help.

Where can I get the forms I need for my shipment?

You can find these forms on the GFS website in the top navigation, under “Forms”

  • Bill of Lading
  • One-Time Credit Authorization
  • Cash on Delivery Application
  • Credit-Term Customer Application
  • New Vendor Credit Application

What is included in deconsolidation?

Unloading of import freight and consolidating for domestic transportation, plus trans-loading and/or cross-docking of freight to customer managed warehouses to expedite the inland movement of freight.

What services are included in direct-ship consolidation?

GFS can receive and consolidate retailer orders and ship on your requested schedule to improve delivery time and reduce your domestic distribution costs.

What is included in your retail direct ship service?

Pre-distribute management of freight includes sorting, labeling, palletizing, and direct shipping to retail customers. As well as direct shipping to distribution centers and/or stores per customer requirements. All with compliance to routing and shipping instructions provided by retail customers.

Does GFS offer contract warehousing?

Yes, as a distribution center for marine carriers GFS offers contract-warehousing services tailored to customer requirements, including dry, refrigerated and frozen services.

How do I file a claim?

Please contact our customer service staff who will be happy to assist you.

What do I do if my question is not on this page?

Please call or email our customer service staff at:
(310) 669-8686 – Extension #3

Who do I contact for GFS Shipping & Logistics customer service questions?

Contact: James Bayacal
Phone: (310) 669-8686 – Extension #3 or (714) 264-0420

Contact: Raquel Rodriguez
Phone: (310) 669-8686 – Extension #2228

GFS Aloha

Specifically for HIFA clients. When is GFS able to pick-up my HIFA freight?

Per our current Hawaiian Islands Freight Association (HIFA) agreement, we have two days to pick-up freight.

What carrier will GFS use for pick-up?

GFS Aloha is dedicated to find the absolute best rate and the fastest carrier for your shipment. Our bespoke service dictates we do this for every shipment, guaranteeing the best rate. Once we have the latest rates, we will provide that information to you via email.

What is the best way to find out your rates?

Request a quote via our website. Each quote takes about 4 hours to process. Quotes submitted after 1 pm will be answered the business next day.

Does GFS Aloha handle relocation to Hawaii?

Yes, we can move household items from the mainland to Hawaii. Please request a quote for detailed pricing.

Can I ship perishables and food items to Hawaii from the mainland?

Yes, whether it be dry goods or temperature-controlled items, GFS Aloha can guarantee delivery in excellent condition. For more information, please contact:

What are your receiving hours in the GFS Aloha Carson, CA warehouse on the mainland?

M-TH: 8-4 pm PT for dry goods and 7-4 pm PT for cold-storage/reefer goods.
Friday: 8-12 pm PT for dry goods and 7-11:30 am PT for cold-storage/reefer goods.

What is the cheapest way to ship to Hawaii?

GFS Aloha offers two levels of service for air freight, so you can pick the level that best suits your needs. This offers you the flexibility you need to select the best service-level for your shipment.

  1. Air Freight Level One Service – Expedite or Must Ride: This premium service guarantees your shipment will fly out the same day.
  2. Air Freight Level Two Service – General or Standby: This service puts your shipment on the next available flight, but allows up to two days for fly-out.

Do you handle Hazardous Materials Shipments?

Yes, and we are compliant with all required government regulations for handling and require a hazardous declaration form by the shipper. For shipments traveling by air, the GFS Aloha logistics team can help you create this document. For shipments traveling by ocean, please visit the Federal Maritime Commission website for information on the hazardous declaration form to ride along with your shipment.

I need help filling out my shipping documentation. What do I do?

Call a GFS customer service specialist for help and directions on required shipping forms. (310) 669-8686 – Extension #3

Who do I contact for GFS Aloha customer service questions?

Contact: James Bayacal
Phone: (310) 669-8686 – Extension #3 or (714) 264-0420


Do you have experience delivering to large-scale utility project sites?

Yes, GFS Eco has been successfully working in the renewable energy sector for 15 years covering transportation, warehousing and industry-specific specialty services.

Are you familiar with the requirements from EPCs related to project planning and delivery?

Yes, GFS Eco is intimately familiar with delivery timeframes, scheduling and delivery requirements and more. Plus, we have the equipment necessary for our delivery drivers who all wear proper PPE gear. For example, we recently completed service for Berkshire Hathaway’s 33 MW and 55 MW utility-scale projects in Minnesota (BHE phase 2 and BHE phase 2A)

Can GFS Eco ship oversized items such as wind turbines or wind blades?

Yes, GFS Eco specializes in the transport and logistics of oversized items and can move them to and from the project site.

What differentiates GFS Eco from the rest of the logistics companies that work with renewables?

GFS Eco provides a hands-on approach to large scale utility projects. A GFS Eco representative is on-site before the project begins to assess what needs to happen logistically and operationally to ensure smooth movement of all shipments.

What additional services does GFS Eco provide outside of logistics in the renewable energy sector?

GFS can provide heavy equipment services, on-site skilled labor, plus a wide array of other related sub-contracting services. Call a GFS Eco specialist to find out more.

What is the best way to find out GFS Eco rates?

Request a quote via our website. Each quote takes about 4 hours to process.

Can GFS Eco accommodate same-day urgent requests?

Yes, please email us at or call (310) 667-4918

Does GFS Eco have the capability to monitor inventory?

Yes, and we are able to provide up-to-the minute reports at your request.

What level of volume can GFS Eco handle?

We are staffed to successfully handle multiple utility-scale projects at once and have office in every region of the country.

GFS Food

Do I need to schedule an apt to deliver food to GFS?

Yes, with cold-storage, we schedule blocks to receive food items so they remain in optimal condition for delivery. Please call a GFS customer service agent to schedule your delivery.

Where is GFS Food located for drop-offs?

1240 E. Victoria St, Carson, CA 90746

For drivers exiting the freeway, make a U-turn at Cal State Dominguez Hills on Victoria Street. Please enter the driveway with the ICREST sign. Our entrance faces Victoria Street.

What kind of food storage does GFS Food have on site?

We have three temperatures of storage: Freezers at 0 degrees, coolers at 38 degrees and dry space at ambient temperature.

Who do I contact for GFS Food customer service questions?

Daytime hours:
Contact: Hiro Mikuriya
Phone: (310) 669-8686 – Extension #2406

Nighttime hours:
Contact: Ron Tan
Phone: (562) 350-5713

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