Know Your Next Shipment is On-Time

With Global Freight Solutions Food bespoke customer service, our dedicated team is here 24/7 to answer your questions, arrange expedited service and provide solutions for all your food transport needs. You make a request and we’ll make it happen.


Superior Cold Chain Solutions

Specializing in chill and frozen food transport, with 18 years of industry-leading expertise, GFS has the logistical know-how to move your shipments economically with quality controls that are setting business standards worldwide.


Keep Your Perishable Goods Safe

Don’t put your food shipments at risk. Move with the perishable pros at Global Freight Solutions Food to keep quality, viability and your investment intact. We ship with the latest in standards and monitoring systems from start to finish.


Transition to Easy and Reliable Food Shipments

Take the worry out of your supply chain with the local and global food delivery pros at GFS. Our logistical team plans every shipment with innovative contingencies, keeping your shipments running on-time, every time.


Quality Guaranteed - Go Anywhere with GFS Food Transport

Our core mission moves your frozen, chill and dry food items with the ultimate in advanced temperature control monitoring, transparent location tracking and guaranteed standards for reliable food safety.


Ship with the Food-Handling Experts at GFS Food Services

You’ll know your next food shipment is on-time when you choose to move with the GFS Food Services perishables team. Our dedicated staff knows the optimal way to move any type of food shipment, no matter the distance or logistical complexity. Simplify your food shipping needs with GFS temperature controlled storage, customizable full service cold chain management solutions and a local and national distribution network. We’ll get it right every time, guaranteed.

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Need to arrange a refrigerated, frozen of dry food shipment? How about a customizable cold chain management solution? Or a local or nation SCM solution? Request a quote and a GFS Food shipping and logistics expert will provide everything you need to get the job done right.

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Food Shipping and Logistics Services

Trusted to deliver your dry, chill and frozen food shipments on-time, in exceptional condition guaranteed with GFS Food Services.

Food Safety

With state-of-the-art temperature control monitoring and stringent food handling standards you can rest assured every GFS shipment meets food safety standards and is delivered in perfect condition.

Shipment Tracking

Our advanced location tracking technology service lets Global Freight Solutions Food know the precise location of each food shipment from the start of its journey to its final destination and safe delivery.

Bespoke Customer Service

With Global Freight Solutions Food Transport and Shipping, you’ll never again wonder about the status of a shipment. Our bespoke Food Customer Service team is available 24/7 for your every need.

Dry Goods

Transporting by air, sea and land, Global Freight Solutions Food will find the optimal way to deliver your next dry goods shipment on target and within budget. Destination warehousing available, along with SCM fulfillment and much more.

Chilled Food Shipments

With superior transportation, on-time scheduling, extensive temperature control monitoring and economical transport rates, your next refrigerated food shipment is guaranteed to be a success. Plus, GFS has customizable cold chain management solutions for long-term success.

Frozen Food Shipments

Effective cold chain management has never been easier! Designed to meet the sensitive nature of frozen perishables, the food pros at GFS know the best way to deliver your shipment on a tight deadline with meticulous temperature controlled storage and transport for all frozen food items.

Our Customer Service is Unmatched in the Food Shipping Industry

It is clear that RPG made the right choice in choosing Global Freight Solutions. GFS made the experience of implementing our requirements smooth and their team has displayed a high-level of professionalism and knowledge seldom seen in the industry.

James ZellerbachFounder and CEO, Restaurant Packaging Group

Find out why these customers move with GFS Food Services and GFS Cold Chain Management Solutions.


Depended Upon By Global and Local Food Brands – GFS Food Services

From The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf to Chiquita and many more, GFS Food Services transports and distributes dry, chilled and frozen food to any location with personalized food shipping services and superior results you can depend on.

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