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Ocean Freight Consolidation Services to Hawaii & The Pacific at All Temps

Dry Freight Consolidations & Special Projects Serving Hawaii & the Pacific Rim

GFS Aloha and GFS International offer dry ocean freight consolidation of a wide variety of goods from the Mainland U.S. to all global parts, with a particular focus on Hawaii and the Pacific Rim.

• Freight Consolidation of Retail Goods
• Construction Material Consolidation including storage and scheduled inventory-release programs
• Hazmat (DG) Consolidation
• FAK (Freight All Kinds) Consolidations

GFS offers a full range of ocean freight consolidations. See what’s right for you, or contact us to learn more about our services for special projects.

Temperature Controlled Ocean Freight Consolidation of Food & Perishables to Hawaii & The Pacific Rim

GFS Aloha and GFS International offer food grade consolidations from our SQF Level 2 Certified Food Grade Warehouse based in Carson, CA.

• Dry Food Grade Ocean Consolidations
• Refrigerated Food Grade Ocean Consolidations
• Frozen Food Grade Ocean Consolidations

GFS has specialized experience in food transportation programs and consolidations, please contact us to discover solutions that can give your company the competitive edge with improved value and enhanced supply chain agility.

How Freight Consolidation Works

Freight consolidation, also known as cargo consolidation or consolidation service, offers a way to combine multiple small shipments into one large shipment utilizing ocean containers or air freight containers. Shipping in full ocean containers (FCL) or air freight containers (ULDs) generally offer much greater value in terms of cost-per-pound or cost-per-cubic foot shipped.

In order to optimize savings, it is important to utilize every cubic foot (maximum cube utilization) up to the legal weigh limit of a given freight container. With over 20-years in freight consolidation, GFS is truly expert at loading freight containers for maximum cube utilization for both air freight and ocean freight. GFS additionally maintains a fleet of tractors for efficient drayage between GFS and the Port of Los Angeles, as well as TSA-authorized drivers able to deliver directly to LAX.


Ship Your Goods to GFS

GFS can receive and hold your Pacific-bound goods at all temps. Simply schedule the shipment with GFS and point your vendors to our warehouse, conveniently located in Carson, CA near the Port of Los Angeles.

Build Up Cargo

Goods will receive your orders at our warehouse in Carson, CA, after which we'll hold goods at correct temp & conditions until critical mass (optimal container load quantity is received)

Load Consolidated Container

GFS will expertly load your goods into a consolidated dry, chill or frozen container, either maxing out the cube utilization or weight capacity of your container to achieve full container space optimization.

Dray To Outbound Port

Once the container is loaded, GFS will coordinate schedules and trucking from our warehouse to the appropriate port terminal.


Steamship line sails from Los Angeles to Hawaiian port (typically 6-days transit time). GFS works with all major Hawaiian steamship lines including Pasha and Matson.

Dray To Final Warehouse Destination

On-island or in-country, you can arrange your own port drayage, or GFS can contract container drayage from the applicable Hawaii port to your warehouse or retail location.

Learn About The GFS Advantage for Freight Consolidation to Hawaii and the Pacific Rim

With nearly 25-years of experience as freight consolidators for Hawaii and Asia-Pacific, GFS brings an advanced blend of freight consolidation expertise, trucking and drayage resources, and technology to enable efficient supply chain management from the US Mainland to the Hawaiian Islands and beyond.

Whether you are looking for air freight consolidation or ocean freight consolidation for Hawaii and the Pacific, please contact us to learn more about ways that GFS works to help our customers with the GFS advantage.