GFS ALOHA is your Hawaiian Logistics Expert

With over 20 years of experience managing Hawaii shipments by air and by sea, as well as a full range of continental transportation and consolidation services to bring your goods to market, GFS helps our customers to optimize logistics budgets in service of Hawaiian accounts.

Ship to Hawaii with the GFS Aloha Experts

You’ll know your next Hawaiian Islands shipment is on-track when you choose the GFS Aloha shipping and logistics team. Our dedicated Hawaii Shipping staff has over 19 years of Hawaiian Islands experience and intimately understands the unique challenges of transporting to, from and throughout the islands. No matter the shipment size, port of origin or final destination, when you ship to Hawaii with GFS Aloha, your delivery is in good hands.



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Brands Using GFS to Ship to Hawaii

Hawaii Shipping and Logistics Services with GFS Aloha

Trusted to transport oversized machinery, temperature-controlled perishables, shock-sensitive electronics, time-critical cargo and much more. All guaranteed to arrive on-time, in excellent condition and always with exclusive GFS Aloha competitive rates on every Hawaii shipping method. Ship to Hawaii with GFS today.

Oversized Transport

GFS Aloha knows the best way to ship oversized cargo to the islands, from wind turbines to automobiles, large machinery and beyond. We specialize in optimized, cost-effective, reliable transport designed just for Hawaii and HIFA members.

Food Shipments

With state-of-the-art temperature control monitoring and stringent food handling standards you can rest assured every GFS Aloha shipment meets food safety standards and is delivered in immaculate condition.

The Aloha Spirit

With GFS Aloha Hawaiian Island transport and shipping, you’ll never wonder about the status of a shipment. Our bespoke Aloha Customer Service team is available 24/7 for all your ship to Hawaii needs.

Cargo Ship Freight

Delivering Hawaiian Island shipments at exclusive ocean rates with secure, on-target delivery. Moving Full Container Load and Less-than-Container Load shipments and much more with superior service.

Contract Warehousing

Tailored to meet your individual requirements for short or long-term contract warehousing. Plus, precision supply chain storage and restock intermodal transport available throughout the Hawaiian Islands.

Transport Logistics

Offering intermodal movements for Container Load and Less-than-Container Loads. Quick response emergency services, plus complete coordination of freight, itemized listings and process reports.

Air Freight to Hawaii

GFS Aloha offers air freight service to all Hawaiian airports. Whether you’re shipping foods, dry
goods or even hazmat, GFS Air Freight services to Hawaii provide a fully integrated to make
your moves easier.

Hawaii Freight Consolidation Services

GFS Aloha offers consolidation services through our warehouse operations in Metro Los
Angeles. We offer both dry consolidations and food grade consolidations at all temperatures
supported by SQF Level 2 Certified quality systems.

Specialty Air Consolidations

GFS offers a centralized location to receive your small parcel shipments, and help you reduce
cost through specialty air consolidations.

Request a GFS Aloha Quote

Need to ship to Hawaii fast? Request a quote and a GFS Aloha shipping and logistics specialist will provide everything you need to handle your Hawaii Islands shipping requirements.

GFS Aloha – Serving the Hawaiian Islands

For over 19 years, GFS Aloha has moved the brands that shape the busy Hawaiian Islands market. GFS has Hawaii shipping rates that can’t be matched with unparalleled customer service. Join these happy customers and ship to Hawaii from the Mainland with the experts at GFS.


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