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Selecting a transportation company to move your company’s precious cargo is no easy task, and there are a variety of things to look for during the process. Given our many years of experience in transporting items throughout the world we thought we’d provide a few tips in this post to help companies looking to hire a transportation company.

First and foremost, before speaking to any transportation companies, put together a clear plan outlining your goals as well as all of the variables. For example, if you hire a company to provide transportation services then you get a spike in sales resulting in 2-3 times the amount of goods needing to be moved, can they handle it? What about transporting food, large items, etc.? Get an idea of what you may possibly need in the future and plan for it today.

Secondly, as with most things in life it’s imperative to do your research to get a feel for a company’s track record. What types of goods do they usually transport? Do they consistently deliver on time? How are their reviews online? These are all questions you should be asking or figuring out through your own research.

And last but definitely not least, do you like the people themselves? If you are going to build a relationship with a transportation company you want them to deliver both literally and figuratively speaking, but also be enjoyable to work with. Building long-term relationships with companies has been one of the things that’s made our company so successful.