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We are excited to announce that after many months of hard work and a significant investment, we have received the highly coveted SQF Level 2 certification for our food warehouses in Southern California.

The Safe Quality Food (SQF) certification – part of the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) –requires food warehousing and logistics companies to demonstrate excellence in handling food products, including maintaining the highest safety standards.

SQF Certification is accomplished through a mixture of facility improvements, implementation of a compliant HAACP plan, stringent audits covering a variety of risk management evaluation points, thorough education of the team as well as creating specific roles for various team members.

In modern food distribution systems, SQF certification is an increasingly important requirement for retailers and foodservice providers around the world who require a rigorous, credible and measurable food safety management system. In achieving SQF Level 2 Certification, we have positioned our food grade warehousing and distribution services for significant growth.

Whether companies are looking for ambient, chilled or frozen food grade storage, GFS has the knowledge, experience and certifications to offer the highest quality services at very competitive rates. Combined with USNOP Organic Certification, our SQF Level 2 Certification represents the very highest levels of attention to food grade storage quality.

For more information on our food warehouses, including our capabilities and certifications, contact us today.