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If there is one thing that’s difficult to ship it’s oversized items like solar panels not only because of their size and value but also due to how delicate they are, and selecting the right company to transport solar panels can mean the difference between a successful installation and one that flops. That’s where finding the best transportation company comes into play.

When we say finding the best we’re referring to 2 key things: Having the shipping/transportation expertise to execute as well as deep experience in transporting solar panels themselves. Not all transportation companies are created equal.

At Global Freight Solutions, via our GFS ECO division, we have been transporting solar panels throughout the globe for many years and it’s exciting to see the world warming up to eco-friendly forms of energy like solar. In fact, we have transported over 3 million PV panels, help with completing 85 renewable energy projects, and shipped the equipment to generate 2GW of solar power. We love this stuff.

For information on our solar transportation services, contact us today.