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Running an online store can be both exciting and profitable, especially when things take off, but that’s where many companies hit major roadblocks that often times impact their bottom line – storing tons of products and having the right processes in place to ensure speedy fulfillment is no easy task.

Looking at warehousing products before they’re shipped, mid to large online stores all run into the same predicament: Should we secure additional office/storage space for products that comes with increased employee costs as well or does it make more sense to simply outsource storage and fulfillment? When you look at the numbers, the latter typically wins.

The second part of the equation involves picking and packing items already stored in a warehouse, which requires excellent organization, all of the packing materials needed, and an experienced staff that can fulfill orders in a short amount of time. For these reasons, e-commerce companies that are rapidly scaling or seeing spikes in orders will find it much easier (and effective) to outsource fulfillment.

At Global Freight Solutions, we have been serving customers’ needs since 1999 offering warehousing and fulfillment for everything from e-commerce companies to businesses in the food industry, renewable energy, oil/gas, and other areas. We love what we do.

If you have questions about e-commerce warehousing and fulfillment, feel free to reach out!